Why Us

We are experienced operators who have started, scaled, and sold software companies. Now, we are applying this knowledge to investing in software companies.

We understand software businesses, beyond financial statements. People matter. Products matter. We bring this perspective as investors to help good software companies become great.

We Are …

Jurassic is led by Joe Colopy and Kevin Mosley. We are operators first and have had experiences at B2B software companies like Bronto Software, NetSuite, Oracle, Red Hat, and Bandwidth.

Starting, Scaling, and Selling

Starting a business is tough. Scaling one is even tougher. We have been in your shoes and can provide a helpful perspective on how to scale your business.

Joe co-founded Bronto Software, a cloud-based marketing automation software company, in 2002. Thirteen years later, Bronto was sold to NetSuite for $200m after scaling to over $40m in revenue and 250 employees.

Bronto was also entirely bootstrapped. No institutional funding or rich relatives. We know how to use dollars efficiently and still grow, quickly! Read more about the Bronto story.

Thus Jurassic …

We started Jurassic to find companies like Bronto — ones full of passion and opportunity — for us to share our operating experience to drive growth.

We are based in Durham, North Carolina and have a rich network of advisors who are experts in their fields and passionate about growing the tech ecosystem in the Southeast.

We Can Help

Perhaps we can help your company. Read about our focus and contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.